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Name Start Date End Date
All Time 02/Oct/2012 11:17 -
Kilimanjaro - Tallaghmanjaro Group 17/May/2013 00:00 29/May/2013 00:00
Kilimanjaro - Group 3 05/Jun/2013 00:00 16/Jun/2013 00:00
Kilimanjaro - Group 4 02/Jul/2013 00:00 13/Jul/2013 00:00
Kilimanjaro - Group 5 16/Jul/2013 00:00 23/Jul/2013 00:00
Kilimanjaro - Group 7 02/Aug/2013 00:00 09/Aug/2013 00:00
Memorial Celebration Climb 13/Aug/2013 00:00 21/Aug/2013 00:00
Group 8 14/Sep/2013 00:00 21/Sep/2013 00:00
Everest Base Camp 03/Oct/2014 00:00 01/Nov/2014 00:00